Alexander Arpeggio
Founder of the Mond Musik & Eine Welt record labels, solo producer, and curator of the Club Cosmic events at Sameheads.

Heads Radio · Alexander Arpeggio – Heads Radio 00010 – 19.2.2020

Alicia Carrera
The newest resident of the Sameheads family after a fruitful long term artistic relationship. A multi-disciplinary talent who works as a graphic artist, photographer and editorial designer all while launching her own DIY publishing label LÍO press, and from 2021 will curate the a quarterly event at Sameheads “HORRORSCOPE” ….. Phew..

Aleksa Alaska
“Colder than coldwave”


Spaced Out Records / Mutant Sounds / Magic Moves
We go waaay back with this dude, and contiunally find our pathways cross, overlap or intersect in a twilight world of psyched-out grafix and weirdo drum patterns…. Thee Psychedelic Frogfish events are one such Sameheads based occurence which testifies to this…..


“Full time rally driver, and part of the musical furniture of Sameheads. Plays at almost all the events anyone would ever want to play at, and releases the odd gnarly record here and there on such fine labels as Power Station, MMODEMM and I’m a Cliché. Also co-conspirator of our beloved TWISTA events with L. Zylberberg.”

Emma Isabella

Miss Dear Dancers Disco Club, in demand illustrator, and hosts a monthly show on LYL Radio in Paris. Oh La La.

Eva Geist

Sameheads sister for as long as we can remember. Insanely talented composer, sound designer, singer and co-founder of pioneering leftfield dance event Diapason which she curates alongside fellow Sameheads resident Ondula.

Eva Geist · The Rose

Franz Scala

Franz Scala’s sets are as diverse as the music he curates as label head of Slow Motion. Weaving smoothly between Italian Dance, Psychedelic Disco and Proto House, Franz quickly turns the dance floor into a vignette-tainted retro nostalgia rave fueled only by his music.


To be found in every nook and cranny of Sameheads. Producer, resident Dj, behind the bar, and quite often, in front of it too. Hurrah!

Sameheads · L. Zylberberg – “Greatestings” – Noisekölln Tapes

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Bad breath. The baddest of music. This duet have created a musical world all of their own making. Russian figure skating on ritalin. The comedic interplay of romance and revenge is quite the site to behold, and potentially life-changing to listen to…… J’adore.

Electronic jazz genes encased in psychedelic fuzz plasma, Laura is 1 extraordinary half of slow thump synth duet As Longitude, co-curator of the Diapason events at Sameheads, and otherworldly Deejaay of the finest unknown, untouched, uncorrupted patterns of electronic composition known to any human.

“Oscar der Winzige is founder of Sucked Orange, a private space in Berlin, and responsible together with Matas Labasauskas of the duo “Octatanz” for the curation of the Braille Satellite Festival in Lithuania. Oscar also runs the night “My Friend calls it K-Jazz” at Sameheads.
more information:…-mas.html

Sameheads · “UNTER POP” compiled by Oscar der Winzige: C60 Tape # 15 – Sameheads 12 year Birthday Party

Reyna Deyna

pic by Mai Nestor

Reyna Deyna arrived a few years ago from her native Lithuania, and has since built a fierce reputation as producer of alternative r ‘n’ b tinged art pop (new album coming soon), accomplished sound designer / technician, and twilight hours weird wave Dj…. Check her recent release below……..


Anatolian Witch with a finely tuned broom for spaced out sounds and hostess with the mostess at Sameheads reg shin dig “Mental Spring”.